Silisponge silicone sponge Makeup Blender

Silisponge silicone sponge Makeup Blender

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Amazing new Makeup product everyone is raving about! If you have ever used foundation, you know how easy it is to accidentally waste the product. Your go-to makeup brush or sponge absorbs the foundation the second you apply it. Save your money and makeup by applying your foundation with our Silico-sponge beauty blender.

the best part is that It's more clean and sterile due to your product having no where to be absorbed in your brushes or beauty blenders. Our Silico-sponge is used Same as a classic beauty blender. Except it is cleaner, clear, smooth, requires much less makeup. You start with a small amount of foundation and then gradually build up if necessary. 

Please note:

**This product is made of silicone, we recommend that you keep it out of direct sunlight

**If you puncture the product in anyway: dispose of it immediately and order a new one.

Easy to clean: 

Our Silicone Sponge can be  easily cleaned with just soap and water.